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Take Care of One Another

As you very well know, two weeks from today is the last day of Final Exams. You’ve worked towards this conclusion all semester — all year really — long. It’s so close that you can almost smell it in the air… And yet, with all of the work that is yet to be done, the […]

Scamming Convo

Do you scam convo? Would you? Would you allow a friend to? Do you consider that wrong? Do you consider it cheating??? Do you know that because it’s considered a graduation requirement, if you’re caught trying to scam convo (and by scam I simply mean trying to get credit for a program that you did […]

Sex & the Soul Week | Feb. 4-8

Sex & the Soul Week is an annual time set aside for us to come together as a campus community around the themes of sex, sexuality, healthy relationships, and faith. The year we will be joined by special guests: Gary Thomas, Michael Johnson, and Justin & Trisha Davis! You can read more about them on […]

The Challenge of Relationships in College

So I’ve been listening to the new Mumford & Sons album a lot since it came out. And there’s one song in particular that I’d like to pick your brain about — Where Are You Now? It’s the bonus track at the very end. It’s a song depicting the end of what appears to be […]

In Christ Alone

This is a guest post I (Guy) did for one of my new blogger friends, JR Forasteros. He’s a pastor in Dayton, OH and this post is a part of his ‘After Happily Ever After’ series. His blog is a great resource on faith and pop culture. Check out his blog and follow him on […]

Finding Rhythms; Creating Routines

  So, how was your first day of class? Great, I hope! It won’t be long before all that feels new and unfamiliar today, will become more comfortable and common. But before it does, allow me to suggest a proactive step for you to take: Feel out some natural rhythms — and create some intentional […]

3 Ways YOU Can Continue to Help New Students Feel Welcome

It’s early evening on the day before classes begin — which means that Welcome Week is almost “officially” over. But that doesn’t mean that our role of helping new students to feel welcome — and acclimated to the BU community — is over. In fact, in many ways, that work is just beginning. When all […]

If You Live On Campus…

If you live on campus… be sure to thank your RA and RD before you leave. Having worked in higher education for 15 years now, I can honestly say that these two positions are easily the hardest — and least thanked — positions by far. RAs and RDs have the incredibly challenging task of helping […]

3 Ways to Get More Sleep During Finals Week

YOU NEED MORE SLEEP! I know I don’t need to tel you this… but I thought I should state the obvious, AND provide a few ideas for how you might “get” that much-needed sleep over the course of the next 8 days: Commit to getting “enough” sleep – It simply has to be a priority for you. If […]

Staying Sane… This Time of Year

Well, the end is in sight! Two weeks from today you’ll be enjoying “Dead Day” — probably not doing much studying (come on, be honest…) — and taking in a deep breath after completing the final two weeks of class (and of course, starting to think about final exams). My question for you is simple: […]