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Our God the Emancipator | A Reflection on Walter Brueggemann’s Visit

By Jordan Yeager Walter Brueggemann came to Belmont yesterday. Walter Brueggemann, as in, the guy who wrote half the books I cited in my Old Testament paper last week. Brueggemann, as in, the internationally known Bible scholar and exegete who has published commentaries on multiple books of the Old Testament. Ok, I’m done. But seriously, […]

How Have the Events of 9/11 Impacted You?

I realized today that most of our students on campus (age 18-22) were in 3rd – 6th grade when the terrorist attacks of September 11th, 2001 took place. I’m curious to find out what you remember about that day. Do you remember where you were? What images have stayed with you — seemingly tattooed on […]