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’21 Days to Change’ | Day 1

Well, you’ve come back… This tells me that you either: are serious about making some change in your life, or you accidentally clicked on this link — in which case you should visit this post from yesterday talking about why you should join us on this ’21 Days to Change’ challenge. Take courage — and […]

The ’21 Days to Change’ Challenge

OK friends! It’s almost February… which means that it’s been almost a month since some of us resolved to ‘make a change’ in 2012. So… how’s that going? If your answer is something other than an enthusiastic GREAT!… Well, don’t give up just yet. Starting tomorrow we’ll begin a ’21 Days to Change’ challenge here […]

Sex & the Soul | Jan. 23-37

This week marks our 3rd annual Sex & the Soul week — a week focused on exploring the intersection between sex, sexuality and faith! We’ve got a great line-up scheduled for this week! Our featured speakers are listed below, but if you scroll to the bottom of the page you will find a number of […]

Are You Inspired Or Embarrassed by the Faith of Tim Tebow?

I’m curious… By now most of you have probably heard about Tim Tebow (the quarterback for the Denver Broncos football team whose really out-spoken about his faith). Well, what do you think? I’ve got to believe that most students who are serious about their faith fall in to one of two campus: You love him […]