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The Beauty of Love

I recognize I’m a little “late to the game” when it comes to Mumford & Sons, but thought these lyrics were worth sharing today… Not sure where you find yourself, or how you will read/hear these lyrics, but for me… there is a lot that points to a loving God who wants to know you […]

So You’ve Made It Home… Now What?

With so much of the past few weeks (or maybe months) focused on getting to the finish line of the academic year… you’re probably just now beginning to think about what you want to do with your summer. Sure, it’s quite possible that some of you had given your summer enough forethought that you were […]


On average, humans blink anywhere between 3-15 times a minute while awake, depending on the type of activity they are doing. That means that in a given day, most individuals blink somewhere between 2,880-14,400 times on average. Since college students tend to sleep less, this number would be higher. It is strange to think that […]