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‘I’m The Man’ Conference | Nov. 4-5

Men of Belmont! I wanted to make you aware of the upcoming ‘I’m the Man’ conference being held here — on campus — later this week. This conference is designed to bring college-age men together to think, pray and discern about the kind of legacy they want to leave — and how that needs to […]

Our God the Emancipator | A Reflection on Walter Brueggemann’s Visit

By Jordan Yeager Walter Brueggemann came to Belmont yesterday. Walter Brueggemann, as in, the guy who wrote half the books I cited in my Old Testament paper last week. Brueggemann, as in, the internationally known Bible scholar and exegete who has published commentaries on multiple books of the Old Testament. Ok, I’m done. But seriously, […]

An Unfolding Vocation | Justice & Missions | Chris Heuertz

Chris Heuertz, founder of Word Made Flesh, spoke for Justice and Missions week Monday morning. I heard Chris speak last year and his talk has stuck with me since then so I made sure to attend this talk. He talked about a variety of different topics, but ultimately he focused on vocation. Heuertz posited that […]