3 Ways to Get More Sleep During Finals Week


I know I don’t need to tel you this… but I thought I should state the obvious, AND provide a few ideas for how you might “get” that much-needed sleep over the course of the next 8 days:

  1. Commit to getting “enough” sleep – It simply has to be a priority for you. If you can keep this in front of you, it will likely help you to make better use of your day-time hours, as well as help you to avoid some of the distractions (like Facebook, Pintrest, etc.) that can push a late night into something much later.
  2. Manage your time well — This can be incredibly difficult as the term winds down, but increasingly important. You need to understand that “the end is near,” and if you can lean into God, and exercise the last bits of self-discipline you have within, then you can get in (almost) everything you need to do and still get some decent rest. This will likely include limiting the time they allow themselves to be engaged in online activity — worthy stating again. 🙂
  3. Find a real alarm clock — This might actually be the most crucial, and easily overlooked, suggestion of the bunch. Most of you use your phones as an alarm clock, and opt not to “silence” all of the notifications that regularly come through. Some of you are even prown to not only receive texts, notifications, and even calls throughout all hours of the night — but actually check them and even respond — when you should be getting the sleep you so desperately need. Let me encourage you to go to a store and purchase a simple alarm clock so that they can power your phone off for the night.

You’ll need all the sleep you can get in the coming week… so I hope something here helps you to be more intentional in making sleep a priority!

Oh, and good luck on finals! Know that the Office of University Ministries will be praying for you… and you can use our space as a quiet study place if you’d like!


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