3 Ways YOU Can Continue to Help New Students Feel Welcome

It’s early evening on the day before classes begin — which means that Welcome Week is almost “officially” over.

But that doesn’t mean that our role of helping new students to feel welcome — and acclimated to the BU community — is over.

In fact, in many ways, that work is just beginning.

When all of the excitement and scheduled activities of this week have concluded, classes will begin — and with that, a more routine way of life.

And for many of our new students — this will be a challenging time of transition.


Here are a few ideas for how you can continue the process of helping our new students feel at home on campus:

  1. Fill them in on “local” secrets
  2. Point them in the right direction
  3. Invite them to join you — for something, anything

Local Secrets

One of the best ways for our newest community members to feel more “at home” is to let them in on some of the “local secrets.”

It can be something as simple as clueing them in to the abbreviations for buildings around campus (like MPAC, IHSB, and MBC), or local eateries (like The Curb, Bongo, etc.), or favorite courses and teachers to consider.

Local secrets can also come in the form of great local churches to check out, the best local coffee shops near campus, great spots to hear local artists, and more.

You have a wealth of knowledge that can — and should — be shared with our new friends.

Give Good Directions

Knowing where to go is only half the battle — someone’s got to help them find these new places.

As our new community members begin to navigate their way around campus (and town), be willing to take a few moments to help them find their way.

Be intentional to look around for students who might be looking a little lost.

Extend an Invitation

And even better than helping our newest community members to know where to go, or how to get there, is to invite them to go WITH YOU!

It’s quite likely that you’ve already established a good group of friends — but be willing to widen your circle and invite others to join.

Yes, Welcome Week may be over — but our obligation to our new BU friends is not.

QUESTION: What other ways can we help new students to feel more at home?




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