If You Live On Campus…

If you live on campus… be sure to thank your RA and RD before you leave.

Having worked in higher education for 15 years now, I can honestly say that these two positions are easily the hardest — and least thanked — positions by far.

RAs and RDs have the incredibly challenging task of helping young — maturing — adults make good decisions… and when they don’t, having to hold them accountable for their choices.

They also live where they were… which means they can’t “escape” to home… because, well, that’s where they work.

These folks don’t take these positions because of the money, glory, or power they provide (because they don’t provide any of that, really).

They take these positions because they want to serve you.

They want to make your time on campus as enjoyable as possible.

They want to make your living environment, and our campus community, a better place.


Make sure to tell them “THANKS!” for everything… before you leave for home this summer.

They truly deserve it.


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