Staying Sane… This Time of Year

Well, the end is in sight!

Two weeks from today you’ll be enjoying “Dead Day” — probably not doing much studying (come on, be honest…) — and taking in a deep breath after completing the final two weeks of class (and of course, starting to think about final exams).

My question for you is simple: How will you stay “sane” over the course of these next 2-3 weeks?

You know it’s going to be a pressure-packed time… but are there ways to keep everything in proper (and healthy) perspective?

Your academics are important — that’s why you’re here after all — but that should mean that your personal health and mental wellness have to suffer in order for you to finish out the year.

I want to encourage you to invite God in to these new few weeks of your life.

We have a tendency to lose sight of Him when times get crazy, or full, or tough… or at least until we find ourselves at the end of our rope.

So intentionally “invite Him in” now… and ask Him to lead you and guide you over the course of these next few weeks.

You might be surprised at what a difference it makes.



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