EASTER SUNDAY | Guy Chmieleski

Isaiah 55:1-11b
Psalm 118:1-2, 14-24
1 Corinthians 15:19-26
Luke 24: 1-12

Confirmation. Assurance. A guarantee. Don’t these things sound nice?!

If we’re honest, I think we’d all agree that life would be a lot more peaceful (and therefore enjoyable) if we had more of each of these—confirmation, assurance, guarantee—no matter what area of life we are talking about.

Few people desire “loose ends” in their lives, appreciate the unknown or crave unending change. Few live peacefully with much uncertainty and complexity.

We like things simple. Easy. Controlled.

And yet, the Lenten season has made us more than a little aware of just how out-of-our-control life really is.

Jesus lived a life that exemplifies the complexity, difficulty and out-of-our-control that we can experience on any given day. Without doubt there are both joy and blessings to be grateful for, but there’s also much more struggle and strife than we believe there should be. There’s more pain and sorrow, and life, indeed, is not perfect.

We often wish that life was perfect—and sometimes even believe that it should be.

Yet, today things feel different. Today is Easter! One of two days that completely turns upside down our understanding of life.

On Christmas, Christ entered the world as a babe—in order to show us The Way.

And on Easter, Christ provided for us something equally important and special.

  • Confirmation—that He is who He says He is.
  • Assurance—that He was leaving to sit at the Father’s side, as an advocate for us.
  • A guarantee—that life would never be the same, because He had risen from the dead and created a way for us to access God!

Confirmation, assurance and a guarantee—three things that have absolutely changed everything. We’ve been given so much. So let us not forget this, but instead, live in light of this truth to the glory of God. He has risen! He has risen indeed!!

University Minister


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