Fourth Week of Lent | Jamie Zeller

Psalms 102, 108
Jeremiah 23:9-15
Romans 9:1-18
John 6:60-71

“The Spirit gives life: the flesh counts for nothing. The words I have spoken to you—they are full of the Spirit and life.” (John 6:63)

Growing up, Lent was always an exciting time for me. In my family, it always began with Ash Wednesday and questions from family and friends about what you were going to give up. Most of the time it was the typical answer of chocolate or soda products which these days, has been replaced with Facebook or Twitter. Growing up in a Catholic school it was even more memorable with days of going to church with classmates, reading and following the Stations of the Cross, literally being able to see Jesus’s journey through beautiful paintings or stained glass windows while our teacher read us the Gospel.

I loved the Friday night fish fries in the gym where we ate the best fish in town, running around the gym with my friends while all the adults enjoyed great fellowship while keeping an eye on how Kentucky or Louisville was doing in the basketball tournament. I can remember Palm Sunday and being so excited that after church I would take the Palm and keep them in my room as a reminder of what matters most.

With all the distractions in today’s world, it is easy to miss the true meaning of Lent. But now that you are older and in college, there are so many places and avenues in which you can receive your Spiritual fulfillment. You can get it from church, small groups, spiritual mentors, campus ministers or Spiritual Life Assistants.

For me, it was the campus affiliated Catholic church that I attended and the amazing Father Darryl. It was not until college that I could truly grasp the meaning of Lent and sacrifices that Jesus made for all of us. As I look back on this transformative time in my life and why it was so impactful for me, the reason I came up with is because I stayed true to His words. As I have gotten older, they had more meaning and relevance in my life. It is what I followed and how I have tried to live my life. Now in reflection, I undoubtedly believe His word is “full of the Spirit and Life.”

My prayer for all of us is that during this great transformative time of year, stay to His word.

Assistant Director, Fitness and Recreation



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