Third Week of Lent | Kendra Crabtree

Psalms 87, 90
Jeremiah 13:1-11
Romans 6:12-13
John 8:47-59

Sin will have no dominion over you for you are not under the law but under grace.

In a culture that is all about instant gratification, the Lenten season can seem counterintuitive. We spend weeks preparing our hearts and minds for Holy Week by prayer, almsgiving and fasting to ensure that the Sunday of Easter doesn’t just look like every other day. But instead, that it is a day where we feel, with our whole being, the gravity of the sacrifice of Jesus and the joy of his resurrection that paves the way to our salvation.

Today’s passage out of Romans reminds me that often we take grace for granted. The writer poses the question: “Should we sin because we are not under the law but under grace?” To which he emphatically answers, “By no means!” And yet at some point, whether frequently or not, we use grace as our excuse. My hope, for all of us, would be that we would not enter this season of Lent out of obligation or to go through the motions. My hope would be that as we find ourselves halfway through this season of remembrance that it would be our understanding of grace that gives us the courage to turn away from sin, and the humility to approach God in reverence and excitement.

The anticipation is building. We are on the downhill slope of the season. Let us engage the remaining weeks more confident of our salvation and more aware of our humanity. Let us not forget Jesus’ journey to the cross and our journey in light of an empty tomb. May we be ever mindful of the free gift of God, eternal life in Christ Jesus, our Lord.

Belmont Alumna, School of Music and Music Education, Class of 2008



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