Second Week of Lent | Harry Chapman

Psalm 61, 62
Jeremiah 2:1-13
Romans 1:16-25
John 4:43-54

Recently, I confessed to a friend that I am a worrier. “I worry about everything,” I told him in a joking way, adding, “I can even worry about the sun coming up tomorrow!” We all know
that is not the way God intended for us to live. As a matter of fact, most of the things we worry about don’t really amount too much anyway.

As I was studying the scriptures above for my writing, the thing that jumped out to me over and over again was TRUST IN GOD! So many times, I will pray about something, and then worry and try to solve the problem myself. I believe that many of us are like that. We confess our faith and trust in God, but are slow to put it into practice.

In Psalms 61 and 62, the writer reminds us that God is our rock and salvation. The writer encourages us to trust in God in all things. We are told to pour out our hearts to Him. God is a refuge, and mercy rests with Him. These are words we need to keep close to our hearts as they will comfort us in times that are difficult.

In his early ministry, Jesus was approached by a nobleman whose son was sick back at his home in Capernaum. The nobleman came to Jesus and asked that He heal his son. In John 4:43 Jesus said to him, “EXCEPT YE SEE SIGNS AND WONDERS, YET WILL NOT BELIEVE.” Continuing to plead with Jesus, the nobleman said, “Come or my son will die.” Jesus replied, “Go thy way; thy son liveth!: And the man BELIEVED the words Jesus spoke to him.

As he returned home his servants came to the nobleman and told him that his son was alive. He inquired as to when he was well and they told him at the seventh hour the fever left him.
Then in verse 53, “So the father knew that it was at the same hour, in which Jesus said unto him, THY SON LIVETH: and himself believed, and his whole house.”

Henry Blackaby wrote, “Faith does not eliminate problems. Faith keeps you in a trusting relationship with God in the midst of your problems.”

In this period of Lent, I pray that your faith in God as your rock and salvation would bring you peace, and trust that as long as God desires, the sun WILL come up tomorrow.

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