Christmas Eve Day | Linda Wofford

Monday, December 24

Psalms 45, 46, 89.1-29
Isaiah 35.1-10
Luke 1.67-80
Revelation 22.12-17

Advent is drawing to a close. The days of preparation are almost complete. Tomorrow is the day for which we have been preparing. Christmas is almost here. So, the question comes: “Are we ready?”

As I have considered the suggested readings for today, I am struck by the images of renewal, rejuvenation, and redemption at God’s touch. Isaiah articulates in clear images the redemption of the parched, the wild, the feeble, and the fearful with images of gladness, blossoms, strength and confidence. The reading concludes with the redeemed’s response of singing, excitement, joy and gladness.

Luke recounts Zachariah’s song of praise to God for His mercy, for His rescue, for His coming. Zachariah cannot contain his exuberance, his gratitude, or his overwhelming sense of awe, because he knows that God Almighty is redeeming His people. The scripture from Revelation concludes with a reminder that those who are thirsty may come and take the free gift of the water of life.

These passages remind me that my heart is what requires preparation. I am reminded that my heart and mind should be full of rejoicing like Zachariah and Isaiah, because I have much for which to be grateful. I have been redeemed. I am part of the joyful celebration parade that exalts with the gentle touch of His mercy, with the powerful strength of God Almighty, and His gentle, forgiving love.

So, the question remains: “Are we ready?” Perhaps we have been distracted by tinsel in the store, the relationship drama in the classroom, or the peer pressure at the office. But these Scriptures call us to remember our redemption through the Messiah. They call us to join with Zachariah and Isaiah in exuberant exaltation at the amazing gift of Jesus the Christ at Christmas.

Linda Wofford
Associate Professor, School of Nursing

To download a digital copy of the 2012 Advent Guide, put out by Belmont’s School of Religion, click here.



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