30 Days of Thanksgiving

With another turn of the calendar page we now find ourselves in the month of November.

We’re well into our fall term, and starting to think about the upcoming Thanksgiving break, to be followed shortly thereafter by the extended Christmas break — oh, and of course, a little thing called final exams sandwiched in between the two.

And with all that could consume our mental and emotional attention during this season, why not choose to focus on those things for which you are most thankful.

Thanksgiving doesn’t have to be contained to one day in November. In fact, I’m quite certain that God’s desire for us is to live as thankful beings — regardless of our present circumstances.

So I’m issuing a challenge — to you, and to me — to find every opportunity to be thankful this month. We’ll call it 30 Days of Thanksgiving — and the challenge is to not only examine our lives daily for those things for which we’re thankful, but that we might become more grateful people in the process.

And let’s share our gratitude — with friends and family, both in person and online — and see how God chooses to use this month in our lives, our relationships, as well as the world at large!

Today, I’m thankful for you! Blessed to know you and call you friend. Please stop by the Office of University Ministries and say “Hi” the next time you’re on this side of campus.
Happy Thanksgiving Month!


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