FF40 – Day 40 on Transition | From Guy Chmieleski


Isaiah 62:2 | Nahum 1:7 | John 14:6

Here you are! You’ve arrived at Day 40 in your transition into your new home
– your new community. I hope and pray that you’re feeling somewhat settled
and assured that this is the place for you, as you start this new stage of life.

Throughout the course of this devotional we’ve been intentional to
encourage you to make your faith central to this time of transition, as well as
this formative season of life that lies before you. We’ve sought to challenge
and inspire you to become an active member of our community, willing
to serve in some capacity, both on campus and quite literally around the
world. And we believe that as you continue to do these things, you’ll begin
to unearth your vocation – that place that God is calling you towards – that
will allow you to live into your unique gifts, talents, and passions in ways that
help to usher in God’s Kingdom here on earth as it is in heaven.

Transition is not easy, but as the prophet Nahum so boldly proclaimed, “The
Lord is good, a refuge in times of trouble. He cares for those who trust in
him!” So trust in Him deeply as you transition into this place, and into the
person that you are becoming.

I love the way Isaiah talked about being called by a new name – a name
that the Lord will bestow upon you – as you continue to grow and develop.
There’s recognition of a work in progress. We are all a work in progress. No
matter how it may look on the outside, … we’re all flawed and in need of
Jesus’ restorative work in our lives. We’re becoming the women and men
that God has created us to be – and that requires some intentional effort on
our part – as well as a willingness to let God do the work in us that only He
can do.

So be encouraged this day about the journey you are on. God has great
things in store for you – as you commit to diligently working in partnership
with Him.

Dr. Guy M. Chmieleski
University Minister, Office of University Ministries



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