FF40 – Day 31 on Faith | From Joel Graham


Psalm 37:3-5, 7a | Matthew 6:8b, 31-34 | 2 Timothy 1:7

College is a time of excitement and of new beginnings, but it can also be a
stressful time, one full of hardship and difficulty.

Financial struggles, the pressure to choose a path for your life, and the
never-ending task of finding where you belong in a new setting can all take
their toll. In the midst of this whirlwind how can we find peace and security?

As Christians, it is often very easy to get caught up in everything we are
trying to accomplish. If something is going wrong, we frantically attempt to
fix it, while striving to maintain an undaunted air of hope and joy. We cite our
faith as the anchor that we hold on to, the power to get us through the day,
but oftentimes I think we are somewhat off course.

Desperately trying to pull everything together, we will often push God out of
our lives without even knowing it. As the details of our lives begin to spin out
of control, it can feel so hard to simply place it all in God’s hands.

A multitude of passages in the Scriptures tell us “do not worry.” Do not
worry: about tomorrow, about what you will eat or where you will stay, etc.
We tend to run ourselves into the ground by focusing too much on the
objects of our anxiety, rather than the strength we have in Christ, who is the
Author and Perfector of our faith.

All of this is not to say that we should simply sit back and do nothing,
but when our efforts fail, and we have nothing left, it is important that we
turn to God and trust in Him to see us through. It is in those moments of
desperation, when we have reached the end of our strength that we are
finally able to relinquish our worry, our stress, and our struggles to God.

Somehow in letting go, we are able to grow so much closer to God, and
understand more fully the power He has, a power that makes our feeble
attempts pale by comparison. In those moments, we realize that we can do
nothing — and that’s OK.

Joel Graham
Sophomore, Music Business Major



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