FF40 – Day 29 on Vocation | From Julie Hunt


1 Samuel 3:1-10 | Jeremiah 1:4-19 | Acts 8:26-40

I speak with students daily who are trying to decide on a major – what to “do
with their lives.” I oftentimes reply with, “How could you know?” There is
so much yet to learn in order to know what path you should take. This is an
overwhelming, and often, pressure-filled pursuit.

However, when I pull back my gaze, I wonder if we are asking the right
questions. Rather than asking: “what should I DO with my life?” perhaps
the questions ought to be “Who should I be?” or “How should I live my
life?” I believe that it isn’t what I do, but how I do it, and who I am which
truly matter. In thinking about Jesus calling his disciples to join him into the
uncharted territory of “following,” he didn’t place many pre-requisites or
qualifications on the following. He also didn’t provide many details, but He
asked them to follow, trust and give themselves to the opportunities that
came along.

Read Acts 8:26-40. While we might not be able to identify with all the
aspects of this mysterious story, I believe the way the Lord leads Philip is
the way He leads us. An angel told Philip to go to the desert road that goes
down from Jerusalem to Gaza. The scripture says, “so he started out, and
on his way he met an Ethiopian eunuch…” This infers that he didn’t delay,
he didn’t ask: “why?” or “to what end?” or “what will I be doing there?” All
of these questions would surely be my reaction to this vague and perhaps
illogical directive.

Philip had already answered the BIG call, the vocational call to follow Jesus
wherever He led (Mark 3:18). Therefore, the specific call of going along this
desert road was met with a “yes.”  He couldn’t have known what opportunity
would come his way!

As he walked, he met an Ethiopian official. The Spirit of God told him to go
to his chariot and stay near it. By following those instructions, he was able
to engage with the man, share the good news of Jesus with him, and even
baptize him!

Now, I don’t imagine our call will look like Philip’s, but we can learn from
his model of being open, willing to go where the Spirit leads, and act upon
God’s promptings with courage. I imagine your decision to come to Belmont
was similar to Philip’s call to travel on the desert road. You probably felt
a leading here, though you may have no idea in this moment where this
road is leading. As you face decisions about what your major will be – be
encouraged that your task is to be open and willing to go where you feel
God is leading. We might not know the outcome, but you can be confident
that in following God’s lead, it will be a rich journey

Julie Hunt
Assistant Professor of Social Work



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