FF40 – Day 21 on FAITH | From Betty Wiseman


Psalm 27:1,3 | Proverbs 29:25 | Philippians 4:12:13

The stack keeps getting higher and a little more ragged and worn from
travel and use. The scripture verses on these 3 x 5 cards are smudged
with finger prints, underlined and highlighted, edges torn, and most are
personalized for the moment and place. They are held together by a heavy
duty rubber band. For years now, I have added to the stack as verses grab
my attention and jump off the page of my bible. The stack of scriptures has
become a valuable tool and constant companion as I led sports evangelism
mission trips around the world with student-athletes from Belmont. When I
pack my bible I pack my stack of scripture cards.

Early morning and late night quiet times, in preparation for another day’s
work, find me sifting through, rereading, chewing on, and meditating on
God’s promises recorded in this stack. Inevitably, one or two scripture cards
grab my attention and prick my consciousness. It’s like an “ah ha” moment
– this is God’s message for me today and I claim the promise. The card, or
maybe two or three cards, are pulled from the stack and placed in my bible
to be shared in a devotional time with the team as we gather to depart for
the day’s ministry. I depend on these promises from God’s word to guide us
through the day.

The Lord is my light and my salvation – whom shall I fear?  The Lord is the stronghold of my life – of whom shall I be afraid?  …my heart will not fear …even then will I be confident. (Psalm 27: 1, 3)

…whoever trusts in the Lord is kept safe. (Proverbs 29: 25)

I can do everything through him who gives me strength. (Philippians 4: 13)

These are some powerful promises from God’s word to claim as you begin
a new journey.  I can assure you there will be some darkness in the journey
where only the light of Christ that comes from your relationship with Him can
and will illuminate your way.  I encourage you to begin your own “stack” of
scriptures for your journey at Belmont. The three verses highlighted above
would be a good starting point. Add to them day by day and week by week
as God illuminates your way, reveals Himself to you, and gives you “ah ha”
moments in your journey of faith at Belmont.

The sky is the limit for you!  May you “soar on wings like an eagle” from here
to anywhere!

Betty Wiseman
Assistant Athletic Director/Senior Woman Administrator



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