FF40 – Day 19 on Vocation | From Dr. Robbie Pinter


Exodus 3:1-12 | Proverbs 6:6 | Ephesians 4:1-13

Can you imagine Moses meeting God on Mount Horeb? He saw the bush
burning, yet not consumed, and heard the voice of God calling his name
(Exodus 3:1). The young shepherd forgot his sheep and thought only of the
One who was calling him. He realized that he was standing on holy ground,
and removed the sandals from his feet.

I don’t believe that having a fruitful vocation for your life is possible without
including God in the process. We have to be prepared to see and hear God
in the little moments of our lives as well as in the big ones, like choosing a

How will you live your life as if you were going to meet God?  I think that can
only happen if you are open to God, each moment, each day. Plan for some
time to listen to God.  In doing so, you often begin to realize that every
moment, even the darkest ones, are moments when God can suddenly make
the whole world illuminated by setting fire to something as mundane as a
bush in front of  us.

I believe that’s the point that the writer of Exodus is trying to tell us as he
speaks across time and space: love God; love each other; love the world I’ve
given you. How do we, in 21st century America, do that?

Here are some ideas. Find a place of silence where you will be present to
God, and where others will not distract you. Turn off your mobile phone, your
computer and TV if you want solitude. Leave off your public person, the mask
you wear in your social life. Allow yourself to face God without explanation.
Set up a new, slow rhythm. Seek solitude to see things as they are. Ask
yourself:  What are the little things that busyness has magnified unduly?  What
are the big things I find too little time for?  This space is not for doing but for
being: make no effort to achieve, get things done, gather or possess. Listen or
just experience God.

When we practice living in the Presence of God, we experience a oneness
with God that directs our lives in subtle ways. When we live in the Presence
throughout the small moments of our days, the bigger ones, like our
vocational paths, will become much easier to recognize.

Robbie Pinter
Professor of English



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