FF40 – Day 13 on Service | From Jim Darter

Day 13 – Service

Proverbs 11:25 | Matthew 25:35-40 | Galatians 5:13-14

When I came to Belmont I hoped, over everything else, that I would leave
this place a better man than when I arrived. This is not, by any stretch of the
imagination, a very directed or specific goal. Rather than following a plan
and working towards goals, at first I just threw myself at every opportunity
that presented itself. I quickly started getting involved in things that I
thought would be good for me. The more I made it about me, however, the
emptier I felt.

I joined the Honors Program, got involved in Student Government,
pledged a fraternity, and joined a number of other service and professional
organizations. I was having all kinds of fun, and enjoying every minute of
college. Still, something was clearly missing in my life. I was pouring myself
into all of the things that the world said would give me what I needed—all of
the things that I thought would give me the best opportunities. Regardless, I
was missing the point.

At the end of my freshman year, I got involved with several service projects
that were specifically about giving to the community. Community service
was always something that I’d done, but not something that ever had such
a deep impact on me. Jesus calls us to serve one another humbly. Grace
allows us to serve no matter where we find ourselves, and I experienced
God’s grace while serving – like never before. God found me in moments
where I believed I was least equipped or qualified and gave me the strength
I needed. God gave me grace, and because of what Jesus did in my life, I
had grace to give to others. I felt empowered to give freely of everything I
had, because I knew there would always be more for me to offer.

Serving has been transformational for me. By giving back, I have been
challenged and stretched. My faith and character have been tested. But more
than all of that, I have been filled. God provides in the midst of sacrifices we
make, small as they may be, and builds us up when we are most weak.
As you embark on your journey through this season of life, consider the
Gospel and others’ needs before your own. You may find that giving to
others leaves you with more than you started with.

Jim Darter
Junior, Honors, Accounting & Management Major



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