FF40 – Day 10 on Transition | From David Mee

Day 10 – Transition

Genesis 12:1-3 | Psalm 62:6 | James 1:17

Psalm 62:6 says, “He alone is my rock and my salvation; He is my fortress, I will
not be shaken.” At times I have found the power of scripture through what
is not being said. Put another way, do you find yourself assuming a message
that is not really there? This verse does not suggest that when we are shaken,
we will survive with God’s help. It says we will not be shaken. Period.

Stop for a moment and consider the subtle, yet profound implication.
A well-constructed building may feel the force of high winds during a storm,
but still not sway (or be shaken). Feeling the external pressures of college
and all that comes with this stage of life should be expected. But being
shaken needn’t be the automatic result of life’s unexpected turns.

There is a catch…

Psalm 62:6 begins with the assertion that when you acknowledge God as
your rock and your salvation, you will not be shaken. It is the God-designed
consequence (or better put, benefit!) of a total surrender to Him. There is
a perfect order in God’s plan. In the business world, we might think of this
as advance preparation for what may come ahead. And even in our daily
routine, we take proactive steps all the time: we wear a seat belt, we look
before we cross the road, and so on. We do this because we understand
the natural order of events.

If we make a practice of re-reading a scripture verse (even when the
message seems quite obvious), we may find that subtleties of God’s word
only magnifies the message. Expect to feel the winds of life’s challenges.
But if you will trust in Him, these winds needn’t cause you to be shaken.
And that’s great news.

David Mee
Associate Provost and Dean of Enrollment Services



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