FF40 – Day 4 on Vocation | From Jorday Yeager

Day 4 – Vocation

Genesis 2:15 | Proverbs 12:11 | Colossians 3:23

Sometimes we think that if we’re really passionate about something, we
should just be doing it instead of going to college to prepare to do it. I
remember my freshman year, daily wavering between wanting to get a
degree and wanting to go feed orphans in the slums somewhere. There’s
something about feeling called by God that gives us a sort of immediacy,
and fools us into thinking we must go now.

Surely for some of us, we must. But for a greater number of college students,
understanding our vocation (or calling) can be discerned as we learn, as we
prepare for our futures. Remaining in college, a lot of the time, equips us to
better live out our calling in the future.

Proverbs 12:11 says, “Those who work their land will have abundant food,
but those who chase fantasies have no sense.” To work our land, we must
be on our land. We must remain in the place the Lord has put us to work.
To work our land, we also must have the tools and the ability. We must have
been taught how to do the work.

I think this is part of the discipline of college. Staying on the plot of land
where God has placed us for the moment, and receiving the tools and skills
needed to serve Him well. There is an element of vocational discernment
in college, which is very important. But there is also an element of simply
forming ourselves to be better workers, no matter what we do. The world
needs workers, missionaries, teachers, doctors, etc. who are well prepared
for their work.

And as Colossians 3:23 instructs us, “Whatever you do, work at it with all
your heart, as working for the Lord, not for human masters.” This, ultimately,
is our commission in every vocation.

Jordan Yeager
Senior, Christian Ethics & Biblical Languages



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