Is this the year…?

Are you ready? The new school year is about to begin!

Student athletes returned last week, and are already in the midst of rigorous training.

Student leaders are back — or on their way back — to engage in some intentional training in preparation of their campus roles.

And you — you’ll be on your way back here by week’s end!

Are you ready?

The beginning of a new academic year stands as a marker on your time line, which can represent new beginnings in many areas of your life.

So is this the year…?

Is this the year you decide to take your faith more seriously — and begin to pursue and invest in your relationship with Christ in new and more intentional ways?

Is this the year you begin to ask God how he’d like to use your time and efforts during the months ahead?

Is this the year you step out and begin to encourage and challenge others in their faith journey?

Is this the year you re-order your priorities to reflect what is really most important to you?

The reality is that without you making some intentional choices, and then following up those choices with some concentrated efforts, this year could slip by and you could find yourself looking back and wondering how things might have been different.

GOD IS HERE. And he’s excited to walk with you through the highs and lows that the upcoming year will undoubtedly hold.

SO, what kind of year will it be for you?



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