So You’ve Made It Home… Now What?

With so much of the past few weeks (or maybe months) focused on getting to the finish line of the academic year… you’re probably just now beginning to think about what you want to do with your summer.

Sure, it’s quite possible that some of you had given your summer enough forethought that you were able to line up a summer job… but beyond that, what commitments have you made?

How will you use this change in your routine and rhythm of life?

Will you rest? I hope so.

Will you re-engage old friendships? Probably so.

Will you soak in a little pampering from mom and dad? Yeah, if you’re lucky.

But what are your plans for your spiritual journey over the summer? You know you’re not supposed to take the summer off from that… right?

Unfortunately, many students do take the summer off (spiritually speaking), year after year. Whatever “spiritual momentum” they had going for them at year’s end is halted. Any spiritual growth they had made over the course of the year is now neglected…

But why?

Typically it’s because students often don’t go into the summer with any kind of plan for how they will continue to grow and develop their walk with Christ.

They’ve not considered how a transition back home (or off to some other location for summer work) will impact the ways of engaging their faith that they’ve developed at school.

SO I wonder… what plans can you make NOW to better assure that your summer won’t tank your spiritual life?

How can you make great use of the extra time and space in your days (and weeks), to grow in your faith?

What can you do now, so that when you return to campus in the fall, your spiritually thriving — instead of barely surviving?

Please take a moment to share your “plans” in the comment section below… Or if you have a question, please ask.

You never know who it might help.


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