Lent | 3.3.12

Psalm 22:23-31
Genesis 16:7-15
Mark 8:27-30

As I look back on my time in college, it seems that life is always busier than ever as Easter approaches. Finals are creeping up, projects are nearing strict deadlines, and the dawn of the excitement of summer is rising. In the midst of all of the to-do lists and homework, it becomesincreasingly easy to forget the meaning of Easter—a world-defining shift in time.

I pray this year as Lent begins and we look forward to all the joy that Easter brings, that we would be intentional about the way we spend our time each day. I pray that we, as a community, would take a step back, willing and ready to reflect on the meaning and impact of the cross on each and every one of our lives. For our God has listened to our cries of help. He has not hidden his face from the afflicted one! (Psalm 22:24).

The gift of grace is beyond something any of us can ever possibly comprehend. I am amazed that our God in Heaven would send his one and only son to save a world of people undeserving of His great love.

As we daily grow closer to the Father, I pray that we would find a deeper and more meaningful understanding of what grace and the gift of Jesus is in our lives. I pray, too, that we would reflect on the beautiful journey that we have all had in life, molding us more and more into the men and women God created us to be. May we take all that we learn, reflect on, and pray during this season and use it for the glory of the King.

I am thankful for a God who meets us where we are, and I encourage you to grow with him during this time. May we be the future generations who proclaim his righteousness to a people yet unborn—for he indeed has done it (Psalm 22:31).

Rachel McNabb
Senior, Accounting Major

You can download the full Lent and Holy Week Devotional Guide at:http://www.belmont.edu/religion/files/lent-devotional-2012-final.pdf



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