Advent | Day 22

Sunday, December 18

  • Psalms 8, 24, 29, 84
  • Genesis 3.8-15
  • Revelation 12.1-10
  • John 3.16-21

I love to read from the Psalms and have found comfort, as well as accountability, through the words of David in so many experiences of my life. The one thing that always impresses upon my heart is David’s true wonder at this beautiful world and God’s unconditional love of us. Just like the rest of us, David’s life was full of experiences that led him through some very dark times. Yet, in spite of the valleys in David’s life, he continues to seek God’s direction and His favor. He is so honest about his failures and humble about his successes because he knows that the infinite God has power over all. In the passages we read today, David is particularly struck by the idea that the Lord could make the whole world and yet love mankind in such a unique way over all the rest of His creation. “What is man that You remember him, the son of man that You look after him?” (Psalm 8.4)

As we look ahead to the celebration of Christmas, we feel the same awe at the miracle of Christ’s birth that David found in the wonders of the world God made. Psalm 24 and 29 tell us that the Lord gives strength and peace to those who believe that He is King forever because God chose to love us in a way that is different from any other part of His creation. Our Strength and Peace is Jesus Christ whom the Lord sent to the earth for sacrifice on our behalf. Through faith in Jesus, we find salvation and the gift of an eternity in His courts.

During the next few days as Christmas approaches, take time to notice the wonders of God’s creation and enjoy its beauty just as David often did in the Psalms. Most importantly, rejoice that His most wonderful gift to us is not our earthly surroundings but the possibility of an eternity in Heaven because of the ultimate gift in Jesus Christ.

Laura Price
Acquisitions Supervisor, Lila D. Bunch Library

You can access an online version of the 2011 Advent Guide (presented annually be Belmont’s School of Religion) at:



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