An Unfolding Vocation | Justice & Missions | Chris Heuertz

Chris Heuertz, founder of Word Made Flesh, spoke for Justice and Missions week Monday morning. I heard Chris speak last year and his talk has stuck with me since then so I made sure to attend this talk. He talked about a variety of different topics, but ultimately he focused on vocation.

Heuertz posited that we have become enslaved to the freedom of American society and paralyzed by the opportunities we are inundated with. Amidst all of these appealing opportunities, he asked us to consider our true calling, our vocation. He shared that vocation is not what we want to do, but what we are created for. He made the challenge very practical when he talked about his commitment with his wife to be “vocationally childless”. They prayed for years about whether they should have children and they came to the conclusion that in order to serve the Lord most effectively they shouldn’t have any kids. I was blown away by the way he humbly responded to the calling to lay down his hopes of a future family. He gave up that dream in order to pursue his vocation of serving the exploited and the poor throughout the world.

This personal example begged the question: “Am I simply pursuing what I want to do, or am I pursuing what I have been created for?”. Too often I begin to think that my primary concern about vocation should be whether or not I am going to like what I’m doing. I think many of us are too afraid to do some of the things God calls us to because it goes against what we have wanted to do all our lives. Heuertz said that he thinks that God wants to use us more than we want to be used. He also exhorted us to own up to the responsibility of our privileges and freedoms.

When we, as students, are thinking deeply about our vocation we must begin to think in context of what we have been created for instead of simply what we like to do. We must think in the context of taking responsibility for our opportunities instead of being paralyzed by them. We must think sacrificially about our vocation and search for the ways the Lord wants to hone that vocation right now.



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