Freshman First 40 — Day 40

DAY 40

Gen 22: 1-12

How BIG are your dreams for your life? I’m not just talking about any old dream. I’m talking about your wildest dreams! You know, the ones that you never may have shared with anyone – but have written down and hidden away someplace secret – so that if one day they do indeed come true, you can let everyone know that it was a part of your plan all along. Yeah, those are the dreams I’m talking about!

I would dare say that a part of those dreams for yourself is tied into why you are here at Belmont. You’ve come with a dream in your mind and a passion in your heart, and you’ve started the journey towards fulfilling those dreams.

But what would you do if, like Abraham, God asked you to give up that dream – to sacrifice it – as a sign of your love for God, a sign of your willingness to follow wherever God might lead you? Would you do it? (Gulp)

My guess is that many of us hope and pray that we never find ourselves in a similar situation – asked to sacrifice that one thing we’ve been dreaming about for as long as we can remember. But it could very well happen. It’s one of the possibilities we open ourselves to when we step out in faith and follow Jesus.

We give God full access to our lives. We confess that it – our life – is not our own. We feel totally vulnerable yet surprisingly free – and alive!

As you venture further into your college experience, I encourage you to be open to how God wants to speak to you about your future, how God may challenge the dreams that you hold tightly to, and how God may even ask you to trade in those dreams for some that are much, much bigger.

May the God who brought you here continue to be your constant guide on this journey of faith, and may your faith continue to grow and change as you live into the dreams that our great God has for you!

Grace and peace to you.

Dr. Guy Chmieleski
Office of University Ministries



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