Freshman First 40 — Day 29

DAY 29

Gal 6:2

Change can be overwhelming. Moving from an environment in which you feel comfortable, safe, important, and valuable to one in which none of these are yet confirmed, is frightening and can lead to isolation and loneliness. Where then do you find God’s assurance that you are not alone?

Is it in the new faces on campus? In the dorms? In your instructors and advisors? The answer is “yes,” but there is one place where all of these come together and that is in service. As you carry your own burdens of loneliness and uncertainty, remember the burdens of your brothers and sisters such as poverty, hunger, homelessness, and spiritual emptiness. As you seek God’s help to bear your own burden think of how you can lighten the load of others by sharing the talents God has given you.

“ Carry each other’s burdens, and in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ.”  (Gal 6:2)

In service you form a bond with others who are sharing the same burdens, whether it is your peers or your community members. How quickly you will be relieved of the overwhelming burden of change! When you think of service you may have questions like: “How much time will it take?” or “How often do I have to do this?” or “Who else is going to be there?” All of these questions are valid because they are rooted in what you must give of yourself; whether it be time, resources, or labor. Yet giving of yourself is what being a Christian is all about; well at least part of it. God promises us that in giving of ourselves we are rewarded by his grace and mercy, and that by serving others we are ultimately serving Him.

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