Freshman First 40 — Day 27

DAY 27

Acts 10:9-15

Our communities today are compromised of people of diverse backgrounds, values and interests. Community gives us a sense of belonging, a sense of support, and a sense of wholeness. All of these are basic needs that everyone has in their lives and that everyone will seek to fill. So how do we fill these needs? We engage. First, we have to spend time together. Community does not happen on its own or by mistake. It is a choice that we make and it begins with togetherness. Academics are a natural area of connectivity among people on campus, but it goes beyond the classroom. The community won’t come to you. A sense of community can be found by going to the RA events in the residence halls, playing on an intramural team, or joining an organization. Communities are connected by mutual passions; they might not all be for the same things, but all are passionate about something. This is where the relationships will begin to deepen, that’s where the intimacy and accountability and support will begin to grow.

Secondly, we have to find common ground. We recognize and understand those things that we have in common, those things that bind us together. When we understand our common ground and our service to others flows from that, many of the conflicts and differences that seem to plague others today will no longer be an issue because we are focusing on what we share instead of how we differ from each other. Christ is our common ground, and through Him, we all share a common story. We are all sinners saved by grace, all of us, without exception.

We also share a common calling. In Acts 10, Peter was given insight that he was to embrace and engage the Gentiles with the message of God’s love. Each of us is called to know Christ more and to make Him known to others. We may have different thoughts and ideas on how that should take place, but we have the common ground of God’s calling in these areas of our lives. We all have a common goal. We desire to grow spiritually and we desire to introduce others to Christ because we share the goal of seeing God’s Kingdom grow on Earth. God created each person with unique talents, gifts and abilities. Having been equipped, we are charged to embrace the challenge of learning from and giving back to the community in which we are now incorporated.

Beaman Student Life Center



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