Freshman First 40 — Day 15

DAY 15

Prov 19:7

Transition is often thought of exclusively on a large scale. Big events such as changing schools, moving across the country, or going to college get all the attention, but what about the smaller transitions? What about the person you become more of each day through every decision you make?

When I started college a couple years ago, I gave little thought to who I was becoming. I knew who I wanted to be when I graduated, but I lacked the wisdom to see the connection between my daily actions and who I would be in four years. You can look back at high school and trace your development into who you are today. You probably had a clear view of who you thought you would be by the end of high school, and more than likely, you aren’t there now. I want to challenge you to not let that happen again over these next four years.

You are becoming who you will be at 22, right now, as college freshman. You are becoming who you will be as an employee, a spouse, but most importantly as a follower of Christ. It is so important to remember that the
time you spend reading the Word of God and the time you spend on your knees in prayer is not wasted time. Psalm 19:7 explains, “The law of the Lord is perfect, reviving the soul.” We so easily neglect the reviving and peaceful words of God and exchange them for worry and anxiety. Spending time reading the Bible and in silence before the Lord makes you into who you will become. It humbles you and allows you to become a person who can simply trust in the plan of God.

In your time with the Lord today, ask for His guidance in who you are becoming. Ask for His big plan for your life to be made evident in your seemingly trivial actions throughout the day. As C.S. Lewis helpfully explains, “this moment contains all moments.” We must see the connection between who we are becoming with every decision we make. Use wisely the time you have every day with the Lord. Remember the importance of every choice you make as you daily become the person you will be in a couple of years, and at all times remember the unconditional love and grace of God.

Class of 2013, Religion & the Arts



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