Freshman First 40 — Day 13

Day 13

1 Pet 2:9

Welcome to college! Here you are in a time of transition- a time full of
questions, maybe some confusion, and blind steps of faith. But amidst this
transition, you are being shaped and transformed, molded into the likeness
of your Creator. In the Bible, God refers to Himself as a potter, and we are
His clay. It’s an easy image to see. A lump of clay is shaped into a vessel and then refined in the fire until it is becomes purified and hardened. Only then it is worthy of use.

Over the next years of your life, you will be amidst the most vulnerable and
malleable phases of your existence. You will be challenged and changed
beyond your wildest expectations. Change is not often comfortable, but it
is a fact of life. And it is the will of God. We are changed as we grow in age
and maturity. We are changed when we accept Christ into our hearts. We are changed as we move deeper into a relationship with God and accept His will in our lives.

Throughout these times of transition, we must remember what we are called to be, “for you are a chosen people, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, God’s special possession, that you may declare the praises of him who called you out of darkness into his wonderful light” (1 Peter 2:9). It is at these times of transition that God is refining us into a person of royalty. He is molding us into vessels that glorify Him.

In transition, humility is the path to peace. If we act out of humble hearts we
will demonstrate to ourselves, and to God, that we desire to be the people
He wants us to be. We will show Him that despite the confusion, frustration,
change and hurt that undoubtedly come as the result of a fallen world, we
trust in His good and perfect plan for us more than our own desires and
dreams. Only then will Jesus be glorified through our actions and only then
will the world see us as a group of loving and united believers fulfilling their
destiny. Don’t get discouraged. Don’t be frightened. Be encouraged, for you
are walking through transition with the Creator of the universe by your side!

Class of 2013, Biology



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