Freshman First 40 — Day 11

Day 11

1 Cor 12

As a coach here at Belmont, the first thing I think about when I hear the word “community” is our volleyball team. We are a small community inside the larger population of Belmont University, and every member of our team is important to our success. Some players on our team are tall and jump well – this allows them to succeed offensively.  Some are short and quick – this helps them react to balls the other team attacks. Some players have received many awards for their on-court successes, while some players who contribute to our team in practice are rarely rewarded publicly for all they do for us. Regardless of their role on our team, each player is vital and important to our team.

Now that you are a part of the body and community of Belmont, what will
you make of this opportunity, and what will be your role while you are here?

What are your gifts that make you uniquely you?

We are told in 1 Corinthians 12 that every part of the body is important. In
this seemingly humorous passage, the foot says that because it is not the
hand, it is not a part of the body. Similarly the ear feels inferior to the eye
and claims that it doesn’t belong. At first this may seem to be an unusual
grouping of scripture, but it is a great example of how many people feel
within organizations; just because I can’t be class president, or direct an
organization, or play on a sport team, or have the lead in my band, I guess
I’m not as good as my neighbor. You may be called into a leadership role at
Belmont. If so, great!  Lead with passion, wisdom, and humility. If not, don’t
for a moment feel that God has a lesser plan for you.

YOU are important. You ARE important. You are IMPORTANT!

Many times we will not know how important we are to those around us.

Despite what the world tells us, it is not essential for us to be used in a way
that everyone can see. It is enough to be used, even in some small way, by a great God.

As you begin your college journey and join the Belmont community, be
open and willing to play your unique role within in the larger body!

Athletics Department



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