Freshman First 40 — Day 9

Day 9

Mt 6:33 and Mt 6:19-24

“ But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.”

I have heard it said that everything in our lives is either a tool or an idol. When it comes to vocation or as others say, our calling, this little nugget of truth certainly has the potential to prove itself. At this age, we believe that life is all about us. College is about finding what job I want to pursue, the classes I take, the internships I get, the friends I make, what kind of reputation I make for myself. But before we know it, we have spent four years of our lives pursuing ourselves.

Our dreams and passions are what have driven us to Belmont, and our calling is always directly linked to those dreams and passions. The beauty of being a part of the Body of Christ is that we each have a place, a role, a calling within it. Our passions are what make us unique and offer us that special niche within the Body of Christ. They should not be suppressed if we want to be used by God to our fullest potential. Many of us know our calling. But know that the world would like to distort that calling, making us believe that our calling is all about how we can serve ourselves.

The entire passage surrounding Matthew 6:33 has been such a reassurance to me in the past two years. I realized amidst my sophomore year that I was living my life for me and pursuing my dreams for me. I was left deeply unfulfilled. But this scripture promises us that if we seek to build His Kingdom rather than our own, he will take care of us. He will always provide, and I can attest to that.

Do not be bound to what this world says you should do with your passions and goals. It will always revolve around your own edification, and it will always fall short of what God can do with you. Allow your vocation to be a tool in the hands of God for the expansion of His kingdom, not an idol that will perish with yours (Matthew 6:19-24). When you are out there relentlessly pursuing your dreams, remember to make Christ the center of them; seeking His glory, not yours. That dream, that calling on your life that you cannot escape no matter how hard you try, is about something much bigger than you. The moment you forget that fact is the moment that those dreams lose their significance.

Class of 2012, Commercial Voice


Freshman First 40 Days:
A devotional to help you find
God in your new community.




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