Freshman First 40 — Day 7


Heb 11:1 and 1 Cor 12

It seems like every Christian on earth can probably relate to the idea of
struggling to have faith. As followers of Christ, we all have a degree of faith,
and we strive to trust the truth of Christ more and more. However, for some
people, faith may be less of a struggle due to the fact that God has given it
to them in the form of a spiritual gift.

The spiritual gift of faith has been defined as “a divine enablement to act on
God’s promises with confidence and unwavering belief in His ability to fulfil
His purposes.” We know that the purpose of spiritual gifts is to edify the
body of Christ. We also know that even though some spiritual gifts can seem
more impressive than others, no spiritual gift deserves to be exalted above
any of the other gifts.

Faith happens to be on my list of spiritual gifts, but in the beginning, I didn’t know how it would be useful to me as I related to people or ministered
to friends, family and strangers. Then, insight into my faith gift began to
emerge from comments people made about me. Over time, different
people remarked about ways they were affected by the faith they perceived
in me. Some were touched by the assurance with which I prayed with them
or for them. Others were impacted by the faith they could detect in a story
I communicated about my life or in a testimony about one of the many times
God has cared for me faithfully. Hearing these comments gave me evidence
that God’s gift of faith was accomplishing His purpose of edifying the body
of Christ.

Faith may not be one of your spiritual gifts…and that’s OK. God still calls you
to live a life of faith and to share your spiritual gifts with the body of Christ.
I encourage you to continue to learn about your spiritual gifts, and use them
to edify the body of Christ here on campus and around the world.

Residence Life, Maddox Hall


Freshman First 40 Days:
A devotional to help you find
God in your new community.



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