Freshman First 40 — Day 6


James 2:20 and 2 Corinthians 5:7

The key to good planning is good goal setting. Goals are written, clearly
understood objectives that one arrives at after much prayer, processing,
and planning. In my work I have found that it takes a great degree of faith
to write ambitious goals and then have the perseverance and the stamina to
see them through.

I have found prayer to be the key to my dreams, desires, hopes, and
aspirations but faith is the action that unlocks the door. My actions guide
me into the direction that I long to go. My belief guides my footsteps as I
move into the place where God has destined me to be. Through prayer God
prepares me for the tasks that I desire to complete. My belief in His word
and His promises give me the courage to move toward accomplishing those
goals that He has designated for me.

There have been times that I have set goals without consulting God. I put
faith in myself and others but not in the One who actually created me and
ordained my steps before my birth. Some of those goals went unfulfilled and
some of them, once accomplished, were meaningless to me.

As freshmen I am sure that there are many questions that you have as you
embark upon this chapter of your lives. These questions range from “how
will I perform in the classroom?” to “will I have anything in common with my
new roommate?”

As you walk through this freshman experience remember to be prayerful
as you set well defined goals. Apply the PDCA method 1) PLAN—set your
goals; 2) DO – write the vision; 3) CHECK – ask God for His guidance; 4) ACT
– Exercise your faith.

Your college experience is the beginning of something great for you. By
faith put yourself in position to receive all that God has for you and embrace
Jeremiah 29:11 (NIV) “For I know that plans that I have for you,” declares the
Lord,“ plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope
and a future.” Be encouraged and know that the best is yet to come as you
set goals and exercise faith to accomplish them!

Office of the President


Freshman First 40 Days:
A devotional to help you find
God in your new community.



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