Freshman First 40 — Day 3


1 Pet 4:10-11

I speak with students often who are trying to decide on a major, an academic
path- what to “do with their lives.” I oftentimes reply with, “How could you
know?  You are young; there is so much yet to learn in order to know what
path you should take!” Choosing a career path is an overwhelming, often
pressure-filled pursuit.

However, I often wonder if we are asking the right questions. Rather than
asking: “what should I DO with my life?” perhaps the questions ought to
be “Who should I be?”, or “How should I live my life?” or even, “Who was
I made to be?”  I believe that it isn’t what we do; it’s how we do it, and who
we are that truly matters.

In thinking about Jesus calling His disciples to join Him into the uncharted
territory of “following,” He didn’t place many pre-requisites or qualifications
on the following. Nor did he provide many details about where this would
take them. Rather, He asked them to follow, leave behind, trust and give
themselves to the opportunities that came along the path.

I Peter 4:10-11 gives a charge that clarifies some of this.

God has gifted each of us. The gifts are varied. We are to use or to manage
these gifts well so that God’s generosity and grace can flow through us.

Are you a speaker? Speak as though God were speaking through you.

Are you a helper? Do it with the strength and energy that God supplies.

Why? Because this is His way, His best, and He will be glorified- which is the
ultimate goal.

I find that each experience I encounter, each road I travel, becomes a path
that leads to the next part of my journey. Knowing yourself, being authentic,
using what you have been given to serve God and others is the calling that
is each of ours. Whatever this looks like, whatever profession that is lived
within, whatever dress code is required or whatever training is necessary
seems secondary to the way in which we live this life.

As you begin your college experience take time to pray, asking God to show
you how He has uniquely made you, who you should be, how he has gifted
you. Ask that He will enable you to use well these for His glory.

Social Work Department



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